About JR

The past leads to the present and the present sets the stage for the future. If you’re seeking only the brightest future for your station, then J.R. Schumann is the only name you need to know for Country Music Radio.

In the business of creating the best format for audiences and the best work environment for employees, when you tune in and hear the hottest station in town, you’ll know the broadcast brain at work behind the programming is none other than J.R. Schumann.

All of the elements that take radio from fair to fantastic are found when expertise, experience and education meld together in a harmonious masterpiece. From Program Director to Music Director and On-Air, J.R. offers the creative direction and implementation needed to boost your listenership and image.

Whether small markets or large, J.R. uses his knowledge of the business and passion for developing unique content in ways that promise to keep audiences engaged and coming back in droves.

If you’re wondering what you can do to turn your ratings around or simply to keep them going strong, then J.R. Schumann is a name you want working for you. He knows how to run radio right.