Friday, December 23, 2011

Taylor Swift to appear in Hunger Games...sort of

Taylor revealed late Thursday night that she was contributing a previously-unannounced song to "The Hunger Games" soundtrack, tweeting, "Something I've been VERY excited about for a VERY long time is going to be happening VERY soon." (Huffington Post)

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Steve Jobs wins Grammy

Steve Jobs was sometimes compared to Thomas Edison and Henry Ford in the pantheon of American business innovators. In February he will also be listed with the Allman Brothers Band, Glen Campbell, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Gil Scott-Heron, George Jones and Diana Ross.
He is being given a posthumous Grammy Award — a Special Merit Award, to be more precise — from The Recording Academy. (ABC News)

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Saturday, December 10, 2011

"Men's Health" Sexiest Woman of All Time...

Yep, Jennifer Anniston. Raquel Welch came in at #2. Britney Spears, Marilyn Monroe, and Madonna round out the top 5.

In an interview with the magazine, Jennifer says she would have gone with Gloria Steinem. "...because, well, she's the full package," Aniston said. "That's sexy."

Men's Health Magazine

Friday, December 9, 2011

It's not only Rick Perry...

For the last several days, I've seen fights and arguments stemmed from Rick Perry's latest campaign ad.

I had heard so much about this video and witnessed the confrontations long before I even actually saw it. Then, I watched it. Before I go any further, I'll post it here so you, too, can see it.

Now, let me offer full disclosure. I am a Christian conservative republican, and have been since I was old enough to know what that meant. However, this ad angers me for a couple of reasons.

There is a HUGE breakdown in how we define "Christian" and "War on Religion." I also have a huge with how Rick Perry uses the term "gays."

Every issue I have with this video can be summed up in the same way. We've totally lost sight of what it means to be able to call ourselves a "Christian." Jesus told us "If ANY of you wants to be my follower, you must first deny yourself, take up your cross DAILY, and follow Me." (emphasis added) First, he says "IF"'s our decision. Then, he says "any of you" - absolutely anyone.

In Peter's first letter the to the Christians driven out of Jerusalem, he ends his letter with "Greet each other with Christian love." Jesus tells us we must love the Lord our God with all our heart, all our soul, and all our mind...but He doesn't stop there...he says "and love your neighbor as yourself."

If Jesus Christ wouldn't condemn us, who are we to condemn others? Our assignment as Jesus was leaving the Earth wasn't to find "non-believers" and tell them all the wrong things they're doing in their lives. Our job as followers of Christ is to be the light of the world. Be a witness to love of Jesus Christ. Be an EXAMPLE of that love! Show what it means to live every day knowing that no matter what, you have an amazing God that loves you more than you're able to comprehend. In our darkest moments, in the times we are unable to love ourselves...God is there. Smiling upon us. Ready and eager to love on us unconditionally. THAT is the message we're to spread! THAT is the GOOD NEWS!

For hundreds and now thousands of years, people have sacrificed everything they have to be able to experience that love of Jesus Christ. Given up their jobs, possessions, families, and even their lives. People all over the world have been willing TO DIE just for the privilege to call themselves a Christian...just to experience the love of Jesus Christ that we take for granted. THAT was "war on religion." Has congress passed legislation that doesn't go along with our "Christian values"? Sure. But that is not "war on religion."

Governor Perry, I would ask that you re-evaluate your definition of "Christian." I think you, too, have missed the point.

I will end this how Paul ended his second letter to the Corinthians:

"Be joyful. Grow to maturity. Encourage each other. Live in harmony and peace. Then the God of love and peace will be with you. Greet each other with Christian love...May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all."

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Win Wynn

Garth Brooks has asked Steve Wynn to extend their agreement "indefinitely."

Garth says, "I've gotta tell you, it really hones your guitar playing, your dialogue with the audience, [and] your own vocals. You got nowhere to hide, so it's great for me."

Garth has previously said he'd stay off the road until his youngest daughter graduates from high school (2014), and would then consider another big tour.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Carrie - Country's Most Beautiful Woman

Carrie Underwood named "Country's Most Beautiful Woman" by Country Weekly for the December 12th issue! Also in the top 10...Reba, Taylor, Katie Armiger, and Shania Twain!

Congrats Carrie!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Joe Paterno Diagnosed with Lung Cancer

Former Penn State head coach Joe Paterno (it's strange saying "Former") has been diagnosed with a "treatable form of lung cancer" the Associated Press reports.

Scott Paterno says in a statement provided to The Associated Press by a family representative that the 84-year-old Joe Paterno is undergoing treatment and that "his doctors are optimistic he will make a full recovery."

Monday, November 14, 2011

Just When You Thought It Couldn't Get Any Worse...

According to a New York Post article...accused pedophile Jerry Sandusky's attorney, Joe Amendola, apparently impregnated a 17-year old after representing her during her emancipation. He was 49 at the time.

I'm honestly at a loss for words.

Here's the NY Post article

Sandusky Even Creepier in Interview

Bob Costas sat down with Jerry Sandusky's attorney, with Jerry Sandusky on the phone, and asked the "tough questions."

I'm not certain if the purpose of this interview was to cast a shadow of doubt in the minds of the public and allow Sandusky a chance to proclaim his innocence, but if that WAS the intent...he failed. Miserably.

Bob Costas told Sandusky that the public, for the most part, considers him a monster. After this interview, those that didn't feel that way before...most likely do now.

An report quotes Sandusky as saying he "horsed around" with young boys in the shower after workouts, hugging them and touching their legs "without intent of sexual contact."

Asked by Costas if he was willing to concede that anything he did was wrong, Sandusky reportedly said, "I shouldn't have showered with those kids."

NBA Players Say "No Deal"

This could be the end of the NBA season. The players have rejected the lastest offer and have now filed an anti-trust lawsuit.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Earlier and Earlier Every Year

Wal-Mart has announced that they'll begin their "Black Friday" sales at 10pm Thursday night. It's getting earlier and earlier every year...I knew it would just be a matter of time before it started Thanksgiving Day!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Robin Williams Ties The Knot

Congratulations are in order for the 60-year-old Oscar winner, as he married Susan Schneider over the weekend.

The couple exchanged vows at the Meadowood Resort in St. Helena, California. Schneider is a graphic designer and heads the firm Critical Eye Design.

This is the third marriage for Williams, his second marriage ending last year. He has three children: Zachary, 28; Zelda, 22; and Cody 19.

Get the scoop and wedding photos from US Weekly HERE

Monday, October 17, 2011

Courageous - The Movie

Yesterday afternoon, I went the movie theater to see "Courageous." I knew absolutely nothing about the film, other than I had heard from someone that it was a great movie. I had no idea what I was about to experience. This is the most powerful, impactful, and emotional movie I've ever seen. This movie is absolutely guaranteed to move you to the core. A movie that will actually touch your soul. The only thing you can do, is go see this for yourself.

"J.R." begins battle with cancer

(CNN) -- Actor Larry Hagman said Friday that he has been diagnosed with cancer, but noted "it is a very common and treatable form" of the disease.

Larry Hagman, 80, is best known for his role as "J.R." in the long-running TV series "Dallas" (1978-1991)

"As J.R I could get away with anything -- bribery, blackmail and adultery," Hagman said. "But I got caught by cancer."

In 1995, Hagman received a liver transplant that ultimately saved his life, as he was battling cirrhosis.

Thoughts and prayer for a successful treatment and speedy recovery!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Die Hard...again

Fox has announced the latest in the "Die Hard" movie series...Die Hard 5 - A Good Day to Die Hard is set for release Valentine's Day 2013.

This will star Bruce Willis as Detective John McClane, once again, but this time...he'll be in Russia.

Monday, October 10, 2011

The Band Perry - 3x Platinum

Congratulations to The Band Perry on the TREMENDOUS success of their #1 song "If I Die Young," and receiving Triple Platinum certification for sales in excess of 3 million!

The #1 song was the second single from their self titled album, released just one year ago.

"Although we've planned, prepared and prayed for this moment for the past 13 years, we're still a little overwhelmed by the warm welcome we've been given," said Kimberly, Neil and Reid Perry. "Birthdays have always been celebrated big in this family, so to have a one-year-old album AND hear that 'If I Die Young' has touched so many people; it makes us feel that we're sharing our celebration with all of you."

For more on The Band Perry - log on to

Huge Honor for Rascal Flatts

Rascal Flatts became the newest members of the Grand Ole Opry, in Nashville, Saturday night. Watch as Opry GM Pete Fisher and Opry Legend Little Jimmy Dickens induct Joe Don, Gary, and Jay into the First Church of Country Music.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Hank Williams Jr. Dropped by ESPN

Hank Williams, Jr. may be ready for some football, but he's not doing with ESPN anymore.

ESPN says in a statement: "While Hank Williams Jr. is not an ESPN employee, we recognize he is closely linked to our company through the opening to Monday Night Football. We are extremely disappointed with his comments, and as a result have decided to pull the open from tonight's telecast."

According to USA Today: Williams, perhaps best known for his "are you ready for some football?" lead-in to ESPN's Monday Night Football, Monday compared this summer's so-called golf summit between Obama and House Speaker John Boehner as "one of the biggest political mistakes ever."

As Williams put it on Fox News' Fox & Friends: "It would be like Hitler playing golf with (Israeli leader) Benjamin Netanyahu."

When asked on Fox to explain his analogy, Williams said Obama and Vice President Biden are "the enemy."

Needless to say, ESPN frowns on such things.

Hank has said he's interested in running for office, and has considered seeking a US Senate seat in Tennessee in 2012.

(Image: Associate Press)

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Rascal Flatts to join Grand Ole Opry

Last night, Vince Gill surprised Rascal Flatts on stage of the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, TN with a HUGE announcement! Watch the video...

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The End of an Era

Andy Rooney has announced his retirement from CBS' news magazine "60 Minutes."

Rooney, 92, joined CBS in 1949 and said in an interview in 2009 that he intends to stay on "60 Minutes" until he dies. Only now, in a more "sporadic" role.

A statement from CBS says Rooney will discuss this on Sunday's broadcast. Sunday will mark his 1,097th essay - a feature he started in 1978.

No word on a replacement, or if the segment will even continue.

(Huffington Post)

Charlie Sheen settles with WB

Charlie Sheen and Warner Bros have apparently finally reached a settlement over the "Two and a Half Men" fiasco.

Charlie will reportedly get $25 million almost immediately with approximately $100 million coming over the next 7 years as the show continues into syndication.

Both parties have dropped their pending lawsuits.


Monday, September 26, 2011

Goodbye Mr. Peppermint

A part of Dallas television history was lost today as Jerry Haynes, known by many including myself as Mr. Peppermint, passed away from complications of Parkinson's disease at the age of 84.

Mr. Peppermint, and his sidekick "Muffin", will always be a part of my childhood. That show is the epitome of what television is missing today. Shows that not only entertained children, but carried a message.

"I want to remind you: Sometimes things don't go too well and you're not feeling a real good mood," Mr. Peppermint would say. "When you feel unhappy, nothing seems worthwhile. Just give yourself a peppermint grin, and you will wear a smile."

Thank you Mr. will be missed.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

John Mayer cancels tour, postpones CD release

John Mayer has cancelled his L.A. appearance with Tony Bennett and the iHeartRadio Festival in Vegas due to a mass found near his vocal chords.

"After several months of going week to week monitoring and hoping to correct the condition, I am forced to cancel my upcoming singing engagements due to something next to my vocal cords called a granuloma," Mayer, 33, announced on Tumblr.

E! has the complete here to read more

(Image: Michael Caulfield/

Out of the Darkness - 2011

It's that time of year's the Dallas/Fort Worth "Out of the Darkness" Walk benefiting the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. I've organized this event since 2006...I'd love for you to be a part of it again this year - either as a participant, volunteer, financial supporter, or ALL THREE!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Super Truck

I'm sure you've heard about NBA star Joe Johnson's massive truck. Well, it's a modified Ford F650 - "Super Truck" (like the one pictured)

Maybe it's a sign I'm getting older...but my first thought was...I bet that gets terrible gas mileage.

Check out the Super Truck website here

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

"Two and a Half Men" Opener

I've been pretty intrigued with the entire idea of Ashton Kutcher taking the place of Charlie Sheen on Two and a Half Men...ESPECIALLY when it comes to the intro. Will the keep the same introduction and just drop Charlie? Apparently so...check it out.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Lady A - New Album Sneak Peak

Get an inside look at the upcoming Lady Antebellum album "Own The Night" in this week's Webisode Wednesday!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Incredible Moment at Fenway

Every once in a while...something happens that renews your faith in humanity.

It was Disability Awareness Day at Fenway Park, and when a young man got nervous while singing the National Anthem...what happens next will warm your soul.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Laser Headlights - Why not?

BMW has announced they're testing new "laser headlights" that are 1,000 times brighter than the conventional LED, and apparently more efficient.

Laser headlights...I'm pretty sure I had this idea when I was 8 years old.

Get the rest of this story here....

(image: BMW)

Friday, September 2, 2011

Better late than never...

KISS rockstar Gene Simmons and his longtime girlfriend Shannon Tweed have finally set a date to tie the knot!

Gene, 62, finally proposed to Shannon, 52, on the finale of Gene Simmons' Family Jewels. They've been together 28 years and have two children.

They will say their "I Do's" October 1st, at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

Get more of the story at US Weekly's website

(image credit: Steve Granitz/WireImage)

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Lady A takes on NYC

It's Webisode Wednesday!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Britney Spears - The Educator?

Britney recently did an interview with and talked about how different her would have been had she not pursued a music career and achieved so much success.

"I'd probably be a teacher," she says. "I love kids, and even in what I do now one of my favorite parts of my day is getting to meet my fans before the show. Especially the little ones. They are always so cute."

Britney says she'd likely have focused on reading and history. Her favorite historical time period is the 1920s.

I'm pretty sure I'd have no problem with detention in Ms. Spears class.

(image credit: Kevin Mazur/WireImage)

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Lady A - Webisode Wednesday

Taylor's gift to her parents

Taylor Swift just bought her parents this $2.5 million 1930's, column-style, mansion. According to Taste of Country the mansion was built by the former US Ambassador to Denmark, and includes four bedrooms, four-and-a-half bathrooms, and a pool...among other things. The home previously belonged to Luke Lewis, chairman of Universal Music Group.

As for Taylor, she's still got her condo near downtown Nashville.

Monday, August 22, 2011

A New Garth Album?

Yes...but not yet. Garth recently sat down with Parade magazine to talk about being inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame and the rumors of a new album. Garth says, "Ali, the youngest, will be off to college in '14 - Good Lord willing - in '14. So maybe '15?" He goes on to say, "My first year of retirement I said 'Yes' to too many things." Garth's is currently performing at the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas through this November.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Sugarland - classy as always

Here's the tribute Sugarland paid to the victims of the tragedy in Indianapolis, at the their first show since the stage collapse.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Jeff Bridges - 'nuff said

Jeff Bridges has a new album out - and I absolutely love it! The first single is called "What a Little Bit of Love Can Do" and it's actually FREE right now at iTunes. If you loved Crazy Heart as much as I did...this album is absolutely a MUST HAVE!Get the new song from Jeff Bridges for FREE on iTunes - right now!

This week in Number 1's


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Marilyn...err...Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift's now famous "wardrobe malfunction" reminiscent of the 1955 Marilyn Monroe "Seven Year Itch" scene...check it out for yourself! Poor Taylor!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Life at Best

Those guys from Denton, Texas have a new album out, and in case you're having a hard time figuring out the best way to buy your's a little help from the band.

Remembering Elvis Presley

Elvis' best friend and road manager, Joe Esposito, talks about the day Elvis died.

Keyword: Kindness

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Monday, August 15, 2011

TLC is minus Kate and her 8

It was declining ratings that ultimately has lead to the demise of "Kate plus 8" - the reality show featuring Kate Gosselin, her twin daughters, and sextuplets. TLC has announced that the final episode will air September 12. Including the original run of "Jon & Kate plus 8" the show will have aired 150 episodes. Something tells me that this won't be the last we see of Kate...but the more important question...does anyone care?

How healthy is too healthy?

I found an interesting article that lists 9 things that people often over-do in an effort to live a more "healthy" life. Things like using hand-sanitizer, brushing your teeth, and drinking bottled water...if not done "correctly" can do more harm than good. See for yourself...get the article here!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Dancing with the B - List

Dancing with the stars has announced three more contestants for the upcoming season...Queen Latifah, Tiffani Thiessen, and Snooki. Rob Kardashian will also participate...he was announced at an earlier date. The producers of the show said they were looking to "upgrade the contestants for the next season" - what do you think? Vote here (TMZ)

Warrant singer Jani Lane, dead at 47

TMZ - Rock band Warrant's lead singer, Jani Lane, was found dead in a motel room in Woodland Hills, California, Thursday evening. No cause of death has been determined. He was 47.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

This Week in Number 1's

  • Adult Contemporary – Adele – Rollin' in the Deep
  • Pop Top 40 – Katy Perry - Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F)
  • R&B/Hip Hop & Rap – DJ Khaled feat. Drake, Rick Ross & Lil Wayne –I'm On One
  • Rock - Red Hot Chili Peppers - Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie
  • Alternative – Foo Fighters – Walk
  • Country - Zac Brown Band feat. Jimmy Buffett - Knee Deep
  • Christian - Jeremy Camp - The Way
  • Gospel - Kirk Franklin - I Smile
  • Jazz - Paul Taylor - Push to Start
  • Latin - Don Omar - Taboo
  • Web Radio (AOL) – One Republic – Good Life
  • UK Top 40 - JLS feat. Dev - She Makes Me Wanna

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Lady Haze featuring Colt Ford

Another hilarious "Webisode Wednesday" from Lady Antebellum! This time...featuring my buddy Colt Ford!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Lady A Tops...again

Congratulations to Charles, Hillary, and Dave as "Just A Kiss," the lead single off the trio's upcoming album, Own The Night, has taken the number one spot on the Billboard Country Singles Chart and has also earned Platinum certification (1,000,000 units sold).

“Seeing country radio and the fans embrace the first single off our new album like this has been amazing and also a little relieving,” Charles says. “There are definitely some nerves and anxiousness involved when you are introducing new music, and this reaction has been beyond what we hoped for. It just makes us even more excited for Sept. 13 to get here."

The Band Perry take the lead

The Band Perry will kick off their Purveyors of Performance Tour on August 15th in Lewisburg, West Virginia. The 75-citiy roadshow includes some dates with Keith Urban and Reba McEntire.

The Band Perry, who have been a big part of Tim McGraw's Emotional Traffic Tour, are grateful to the artists who have helped them.

"It has always been our dream to play Country music," says the band. "We've been on the road as a family band for thirteen years and experienced the intimacy of theaters, the energy of county fairs and the joy of connecting with new faces as we support these amazing artists at arenas and amphitheaters. Artists like Tim McGraw, Keith Urban and Reba were the ones who originally inspired us to dream they have helped our dreams come true. We couldn't be more grateful to them or excited about the future."

Keith Urban Smells

Ladies, your man may not look like Keith Urban or play the guitar like Keith Urban, but now he can smell like Keith Urban. Keith's signature fragrance, Phoenix, is now available on his website. It's described as "a profoundly rich, masculine scent...infused with blackberries, cognac and plum, and can be described as having a woody oriental fragrance."

Friday, August 5, 2011

Roseanne for President

LinkRoseanne announced during a recent appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno that she intends to seek the office of President of the United States...and apparently...she's not kidding.

She tells Leno, "You know, Jay, I decided that since you're the one that got Arnold Schwarzenegger elected as governor of California, that I wanted to make my announcement here on your show because I really wanted to ask for your support." Roseanne goes on to say, "my announcement is that I am running for president of the United States."

US Weekly has the entire story here!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Scary moment at Eagles training camp

Thoughts and prayers remain with Philadelphia Eagles defensive tackle Mike Patterson who suffered a seizure yesterday during practice. It was originally believed the seizure was due to dehydration, but tests revealed something much more serious.

Eagles trainer Rick Burkholder announced that Patterson was diagnosed with a brain arteriovenous malformation, which is a tangle of blood vessels in his head.

AVM is a congenital condition that will require either surgery or radiation; the Eagles are consulting various specialists before deciding on a course of action. Patterson is still at Lehigh Valley Hospital in Allentown, Pa, which is where he was taken after the seizure. (Pic courtesy of Yahoo! sports) click here for the rest of the story

Cancer claims "Grease" actress

TMZ is reporting that actress Annette Charles, who played Cha Cha in "Grease", has passed away due to complications from cancer. She was 63.

Eric Church Rollin' Deeper than Adele

Eric Church's brand new album, Chief, has HUGE first week sales! Selling over 145,000 copies - he takes the #1 album overall from Adele, and bumps Jason Aldean to #2 on the Country album chart! And for good reason - get it at iTunes or right here today!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Bubba Smith, dead at 66

Bubba Smith, former NFL defensive end turned actor has died. Smith, who played Moses Hightower in the first 6 "Police Academy" movies, was found dead in his home earlier today. LA Medical Examiner has not released a cause of death, but is believed to be "natural causes." Smith was 66 years old.

Casey Anthony surfaces - as a buckeye

TMZ caught up with Casey Anthony in Ohio as she's trying blend in...going so far as to even sporting Ohio State Buckeyes gear! Get the whole story from TMZ right here!

I wish i had this much free time...

Hillary of Lady A ready to say "I Do"

Newly engaged Hillary Scott of Lady Antebellum and her fiance, Chris Tyrell, are busy planning their wedding, which Hillary says will take place early next year. She says, "Not in a huge rush, but I'm not into really long engagements."

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

New Trace Adkins - In stores today!

The new album from Trace Adkins is available now! Some of the best music I've ever heard from Trace! Do yourself a favor and buy this CD! Get it here

Keith Urban offers advice on addiction

Keith Urban has been sober for a number of years now, but is all too familiar with how addiction can control a person's life. In an interview with The Tennessean, Keith says his "heart breaks" for [Amy Winehouse's] family because "there's only so much you can do."

Keith did offer up this advice for the families of those battling addictions: "There does come a point where you have to pull away or detach with love, as they say, because otherwise the entire ship is going to go down, and you can't help someone who doesn’t want help. That's the tragedy of this particular thing - some make it and some don't. I don't think it's about ever giving up on somebody …I think if I've got any advice, it's to the families of these people and the importance of the family reaching out for help as a family, because sometimes the family getting help has the effect on the individual that the family was trying to do themselves. That's certainly been my experience, that the rallying and strength of a family around the individual is perhaps the greatest hope."

Ms. Swift goes to Washington

Seven members of Congress - including Republican senator John Thune, Republican representatives Jo Bonner of Alabama, Michael Grimm of New York, Tom Price of Georgia and Kay Granger of Texas - are set to have fundraisers scheduled at a Taylor Swift concert at the Verizon Center in Washington tonight and tomorrow night. The Party Blog reports that rocking out to Swift in the company of a member of Congress runs from $1,000, for two individual tickets, to $3,500. (Dial Global)

The Midas Touch

Congrats to Chris Young - "The Man I Want to Be" certified GOLD for selling more than 500,000 copies! Truly a great album! If you don't own this should!


So apparently Charlie Sheen and (ex?) Brooke Mueller are doing better?! TMZ has the full story, but what's most interesting about this, to me, is the fact that Charlie is waiting for HER to complete her rehab. Which, don't get me wrong, is great. But, c'mon can only kid yourself for so long...

Monday, August 1, 2011

Kings of Fail

TMZ reports that Kings of Leon is cancelling the rest of their US tour. I was at the infamous Dallas show over the weekend...they can blame this on "heat exhaustion" all they want...anyone with half a brain knows better. I hope Caleb is able to get his stuff together!

Here's the link to the rest of the story!

Sunday, July 31, 2011

I've finally got a webpage!

I'm still learning how all of this stuff works...but first things first...

THANK YOU LEAH WILLIAMS! She's the creative mind behind! If you've ever thought about blogging or starting a website - I can't recommend her highly enough! There's a link to her site at the bottom of this page. figure out how the rest of thing works....