Monday, November 14, 2011

Sandusky Even Creepier in Interview

Bob Costas sat down with Jerry Sandusky's attorney, with Jerry Sandusky on the phone, and asked the "tough questions."

I'm not certain if the purpose of this interview was to cast a shadow of doubt in the minds of the public and allow Sandusky a chance to proclaim his innocence, but if that WAS the intent...he failed. Miserably.

Bob Costas told Sandusky that the public, for the most part, considers him a monster. After this interview, those that didn't feel that way before...most likely do now.

An report quotes Sandusky as saying he "horsed around" with young boys in the shower after workouts, hugging them and touching their legs "without intent of sexual contact."

Asked by Costas if he was willing to concede that anything he did was wrong, Sandusky reportedly said, "I shouldn't have showered with those kids."

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